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Long time no post. Like it’s been wayyyy to long! Sometimes I let life get to me too much and I loose motivation easily and I’m not going to lie but that’s what happened. Anyway, I’m back with a new post with new things I’ve recently purchased for my Freelance makeup kit. My Beauty Bay package arrived this morning (great way to end the week. Yay!!!) so thought it would be a good idea to show you what I’ve got.


Makeup Haul 2017

Beauty Bay Haul

So I purchased a few things from Beauty Bay after doing an online course held by PLouise which consisted in 5 live video lessons. They were AMAZING by the way. After doing these lessons, I purchased my first ever Z-Palette which I’ve had my eyes on for ages and also my first Makeup Geek eyeshadows. The colours I ordered were Americano, Cherry Cola, Chickadee and Cocoa Bear. I also brought the Zoeva 144 Soft Concealer brush and the 1.20 My Precise Crease brush by My Kit Co.

Beauty Bay haul

MAkeup Geek eyeshadows

I also purchased my first ever Peaches and Cream pigments. Where have these been all of my life!? They are literally stunning! I highly recommend these whether it’s for your kit or for yourself. You NEED these in your life!

Peaches And Cream Pigments

I didn’t go to mad with MAC products as I really need to figure out what I really need for my kit but I’ve finally bought the Mac Fix plus and it’s amazing! I also got the Studio Fix powder in shade NC20 and really want to get some more shades in this.

MAC Cosmetics Haul 2017

Last but not least, my haul from Maquillalia. This is also one of my favourite places to shop for makeup online as it comes from Spain and normally only takes 2 to 3 days to arrive. From here I got 4 Nabla eyeshadows: Petra, Wild Side, Narciso and Fahrenheit. I also got 3 Neve Cosmetic pigments in colours Jellyfish, Liquid Mirror and Aurora Borale. The pigments are also absolutely stunning and a great addition to any kit or collection.

NABLA eyeshadows

Neve Cosmetics haul 2017

What are your must have products in your kit or favourite recent purchases?


Jessica Duarte makeup


  1. Britt | 14th May 17

    I am loving your colour choices! I hope that you share some of the looks you make with all of this, I would love to see!

    Britt |

    • Jessica | 15th May 17

      Thank you so much!
      I will do as soon as I get round to doing something 🙂 xx

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