Sweet Peach Palette by Too Faced: Swatches and Full Review

2016 certainly had me craving for peaches with the release of this palette. Especially after the all hype over the Internet. When it was released it took a couple of weeks to arrive to the Sephora Stores in Portugal. When it did, it sold out in the blink of an eye. I think it did everywhere though. After that I never really thought much about it. It was supposed to be limited edition. Assuming that I would never get my hands on the palette that smelt like peaches, something happened! Too Faced decided to bring it back. Thank godness. It was my Birthday at the beginning of this month and I was kindly given this palette as a present for my 21st (where has the time gone?). After playing around with it for a few days, I’ve decided to post my own opinion on it. Is it really worth the hype? 

Certamente que não fui a única obececada por pêssegos em 2016 por causa do lançamento desta palette. Especialmente porque andava tudo doido por ela nas redes sociais. Logo quando saiu demorou algum tempo a chegar às Sephoras cá em Portugal mas, quando chegou, evaporou tudo num instante. Acho que foi assim em todo lado. Deixei de pensar nela. Era edição limitada e pensava mesmo que ficava por ali. Mas não. A Too Faced decidiu lançá-la novamente. Foi a melhor coisa que fizeram. Como fiz anos no início do mês, foi-me oferecido esta palette que cheira a pêssego e que deixou o mundo louco. Como já tive alguns dias para testá-la, decidi que está na hora de escrever a minha opinião sobre ela. Vale mesmo tanto a pena como dizem? 


Too Faced Sweet Peach Review

Since I own the Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar from Too Faced I was already expecting the shadows to be buttery, easy to blend and complemented with a nice scent. The Sweet Peach palette, like Too Faced’s other scented palettes, comes in a Tin packaging. I’m not bothered by the tin packaging and do not dislike it. On the other hand, if you don’t particulary like tin packagings then you won’t be impressed with this palette. The presentation of the packaging is really pretty though. As soon as you open the palette you’re greeted with an intense peach scent that is very fruity and a small mirrow which is great if you want to use it on the go. If you’re not a fan of fruity scents then this could definitely put you off of this palette. I personally love it

Uma vez que já tenho a Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar da Too Faced já esperava que as sombras fossem algo amanteigadas, fáceis de esfumar e complementadas com um cheirinho agradável. A Sweet Peach palette, tal como as restantes da Too Faced que são perfumadas, vem numa embalagem de lata. A mim não me faz diferença este tipo de embalagem. Não adoro mas também não desgosto. Caso fores o tipo de pessoa que não gosta mesmo destas embalagens em lata, não vais gostar desta. A apresentção, por outro lado, é super gira! Assim que abrimos a palette, somos cumprimentados por um cheirinho a pêssego super frutado e com um pequeno espelho que torna esta palette ideal para usar em qualquer lugar. Não és fã de cheiros frutados? Não vais gostar desta palette. Pessoalmente, adoro-a


Sweet Peach Palette Review

Compared to the other palettes I mentioned above which contain 16 eyeshadows at 0,03oz each, the Sweet Peach palette offers you 18 eyeshadows at 0,03 oz each and is still retailed at the same price (around 46€). If I’m honest I’m quite disapointed that there are only a few shades that I would consider as being Peachy shades. I also find the purple and green shades being quite random. I Just find that they don’t seem to fit in. It can be difficult to mix them in with the other shades when creating a look and I found that I first had to go and find some inspiration by looking at color charts or other peoples work before using them. Apart from that, I can see myself using this palette on a daily basis as the warm brown and neutral tones are right up my street. (I’ve already incorporated this palette in an Everyday Look which you can see here)

Quando a comparamos com as outras palettes a que me referi acima, essas contêm 16 sobras com 0,03 oz cada enquanto que esta contem 18 sombras com 0,03 oz cada. Mesmo com duas sombras a mais, encontra-se a um preço semelhante (se não igual) às restantes. (Ronda os 46€). Sinceramente fiquei um pouco desiludida pelo facto de conter apenas algumas cores que considero serem inspiradas no tema em que é baseada. Além disso tem as sombras roxas e verdes que estão completamente fora de contexto a meu ver. São também difíceis de conjugar em looks com as restantes cores e reparei que tive de consultar  Color Charts e maquilhagens de outras pessoas para me inspirar e integra-las num look. Porém, consigo imaginar-me a usá-la no dia-a-dia. Os tons neutros e os castanhos são mesmo a minha cara.  (Já a incorporei esta palette num look para o dia-a-dia que podes ver aqui)

Sweet Peach Palette Swatches
White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting, Charmed, I’m Sure

Sweet Peach Palette Swatches
Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable

Sweet Peach Palette Swatches
Peaches ‘N’ Cream, Georgia, Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby to Me

Most of the eyeshadows have a great color pay off and nice pigmentation. There are some that did disappoint me due to being chalky and very patchy once applied. I also noticed that some colors are quite hard to blend if you put too much on your brush. So my advice would be to apply small amounts at a time and blend. They work better if you build each color up slowly. I wouldn’t consider it to be the best palette Too Faced has released and I think everyone went slightly crazy over it. Saying that, I would still buy it again. Overall, I’m happy with this palette and I’m sure I’ll reach out for it on a daily basis.

A maioria das sombras têm boa pigmentação enquanto outras deixam muito a desejar por não serem uniformes quando aplicadas e não terem a consistência das restantes. Reparei também que algumas cores são difíceis de esfumar, especialmente se colocarem demasiada sombra no pincel. Assim, aconselho que coloquem pouco de cada vez, esfumem bem e vão aplicando aos poucos para intensificar a cor. Não considero que seja a melhor palette que a Too Faced já lançou e acho que as pessoas exageraram um pouco no que toca a esta palette. Mesmo assim, comprava-a de novo. No geral estou satisfeita com esta palette e certamente que irá fazer parte dos meus produtos mais usados no dia-a-dia.


Sweet Peach Palette review

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Qual a tua opinião sobre esta palette?



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  1. Maddie Miller | 12th Feb 17

    I bought this in the first release and I am still even on the fence about it! I love the left side, but the right side (apart from the matte browns), I’m a bit iffy on.

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

  2. Nic | 18th Jan 17

    I love how this palette is not crazily pigmented but the colors are buildable. I also like how all the colors are so wearable in here

  3. Nic | 18th Jan 17

    Great review
    I love this palette too. It’s not crazily pigmented that makes you have to go very light handed but the colors in this palette are pretty and very wearable.
    Too faced hasn’t disappointed me so far 🙂

  4. YourBeautyFixx | 15th Jan 17

    Great Post Jessica!
    I got this palette from the last launch and I have yet to try it, but doesn’t it just smell amazing ?!
    xxBey || yourbeautyfixx.com

    • Jessica | 15th Jan 17

      Thank you! <3 the smell is absolutely amazing! x

  5. Face to Curls | 13th Jan 17

    It certainly is a beautiful palette but I passed on it because I have the Chocolate Bar palette and I wasn’t sure I would like it but it sure is pretty. Love your swatches.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

    • Jessica | 14th Jan 17

      Thank you! I have the Semi-Sweet chocolate bar which I think I do prefer over this one, but I love this one too x

  6. Georgia Gapes | 13th Jan 17

    I have re-fallen in love with this palette over the last few weeks! 💋

    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      I have too since I got it 🙂 x

  7. Laura | 13th Jan 17

    Love hearing you thoughts on this palette, I haven’t decided yet if I want to purchase it or not…

    Laura || http://www.thelifeoflaura.com.au

    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      I personally would look at the Anastasia palettes before this one 🙂 x

  8. Michelle Morchella | 12th Jan 17

    I’m glad you like this palette, because I love it! I used it almost everyday last year and I think it might belongs to my favorite palettes of all time.

    Michelle Morchella

    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      I’ve been using it nearly everyday since I got it too 🙂 x

  9. Virginia Ferreira | 12th Jan 17

    As cores são lindas.

    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      Pois são, obrigada 🙂 Beijinho

  10. Carla Marques da Silva | 11th Jan 17

    Não conhecia. As cores são lindas!


    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      São mesmo! Beijinho*

  11. Ellie | 11th Jan 17

    Just peachy, luscious and Bellini look gorgeous just like the look of the palette and I’m sure the smell. Still can’t decide whether to get this!

    Ellie x


    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      I think there are other palettes that are probably better but this one is cute 🙂 x

  12. Melanie | 11th Jan 17

    This is such a gorgeous palette.

    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      It is 🙂 x

  13. Style Days | 11th Jan 17

    Adoro a paleta, há muito que quero comprar, mas por enquanto, tenho que dar uma limpeza das que tenho cá 🙂


    • Jessica | 13th Jan 17

      Eu percebo-te! Tenho de fazer o mesmo

  14. Beatriz | 11th Jan 17

    Opá ela é tão linda *.*

    • Jessica | 11th Jan 17

      É mesmo! beijinho*

  15. Rachel Maslin | 11th Jan 17

    It’s a lovely looking palette. I haven’t used any of their eyeshadows but read raving reviews about them….if I could justify another palette I would! 🙂 Great post x

    • Jessica | 11th Jan 17

      Thank you sweetie x

  16. Desiree | 11th Jan 17

    Perfect timing too faced are re releasing this and the new blush/highlighter pallet at the end of the month and I can’t wait to get my hands on them,

    • Jessica | 11th Jan 17

      Brilliant! You should 🙂 x

  17. Phillippa | 11th Jan 17

    I love this palette so much! I was lucky enough to get it the first time around and I still use it all the time. My favourite shade is candied peach, it’s perfect for spring time too.


    • Jessica | 11th Jan 17

      I really like Nectar, especially to highlight the inner corner x

  18. Ms Honey | 11th Jan 17

    I love how detailed your review is and that you include multiple photos. I’ve heard such good things about this palette

    • Jessica | 11th Jan 17

      Thank you 🙂 x

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